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The Ravenscourt Homeless Project

Our church charity offers help to people who are in need. We had to choose an identifiable name, so we called it “The Ravenscourt Homeless Project” but it is not only aimed at homeless people and those without permanent addresses – we also help families and individuals who are struggling to make ends meet.

Darren Hirst fronts the project, and he will be in and around King Street, Hammersmith (from Ravenscourt Park to the Hammersmith tube station and the side-streets). He knows all the places where people make their beds and he will speak to our regulars, identify new people but ignore those who we have offered help to on several occasions on the past but who have never come to us after our offers. He will do this three times a week (approx..) around lunchtime so the work is best targeted.

What we can offer

We can buy hot and cold food in cafes and takeaways.

We can provide assistance with shopping – up to one standard wire basket, contents chosen by the client, from the local shop or supermarket.

The space to get showered and clean (with towels etc. provided).

Advice, prayer, and directions to other sources of help.


What we struggle to provide

Bed space in local hostels and hotels. It is better for the client to contact the local council for emergency help first.


What we cannot provide

We cannot and do not give people cash assistance.

We do not provide alcohol or cigarettes.


Who will we not help?

Those who are not sober when they speak to us or those who are aggressive to staff and volunteers.


Can I refer people to you?

Yes, but they must attend our buildings for assessment. We have a card that they can bring with them (pictured) which they should bring with them. You can acquire supplies of this card from our buildings. Please bear in mind that some people you will see begging in the street are doing this “professionally” and often operate under the lead of a gangmaster. They will take the card but will not come to us. They are really only interested in cash assistance, and it is usually not used for the reasons they will tell you.

Service Times

Our Sunday service starts at 11 a.m.



020 3941 0145 // 07580 040489



7 Ravenscourt Road
London W6 0UH