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Ninoshka Gomes

Children’s and School’s Worker Finance Team

Schools, Children’s work, and clubs

Ninoshka Gomes is a totally essential part of our church’s work. She is our children, family, and schools’ liaison worker.

What does she do?

  • She offers free after school clubs to local education establishments. These are usually in arts and crafts but can also be Bible groups or on other topics. Why not ask?
  • She provides online zoom sessions for church children in either arts and crafts or Bible and faith.
  • She runs our Sunday school with Scripture lessons and illustrates them with craft activities
  • If a lady attends the church building and wishes to speak to someone who will best understand a female perspective, then she is who they will normally speak to.
  • If a lady needs to shower and be guaranteed privacy, this will be facilitated by Ninoshka.
  • She will give advice to family on all manner of educational and social issues.

Ninoshka graduated with dual honours in Theology and Performing Arts and is well-equipped for the task.