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Chaplaincy services for musicians and other artists

Spiritual care for those in the music industry that don’t find church an easy place to be…

The senior pastor of Ravenscourt Baptist Church, Darren Hirst, worked for 10 years as a writer for various publications prior to entering the Christian ministry in his late 20s. Since that time, he has been pleasantly surprised to see that his work in the music industry has continued as he has worked on promotional projects and production for a number of high-profile albums and artists. He also works as a professional actor, director, critic and fronts his own band.

If we neglect our spiritual life then we lose our ability to express ourselves

During all the twists and turns of his life, Darren has become increasingly convinced that as human beings we neglect our spiritual life at our peril. Those in the music industry frequently find that touring schedules and travelling prevent them from finding a regular place for reflection. Even if their lifestyles would allow it, they are most likely numbered amongst those who have a lack of confidence that the church or Christian belief has anything for them. After all Christians in recent generations have not exactly scored highly on valuing the arts. Lack of reflection and spiritual direction can mean that those who most need to draw on their inner resources are found wanting. They go there only to find, like Mother Hubbard, that the cupboard is bare.

Back in the 1990s, Darren decided to develop a unique side to his ministry. He offers a programme of spiritual chaplaincy to those in the music industry. He has now extended this to offering help, support, and prayer to actors and those involved in other arts. This is open to those with Christian beliefs but also to those who have taken a different direction or those who just don’t know where they stand. The consultancy is free (expenses only) and can be on a one-off or an ongoing basis, scheduled or at short notice. It can involve prayer, advice, talk or just a listening ear.

The consultation is entirely confidential. Many of the musicians Darren works with take advantage of this service but we can’t tell you who – we don’t talk about that. Anything that is said stays in that conversation and goes no further.
If we neglect our body, a night on stage can be hard work – too hard. If we neglect our spiritual life, then we lose our ability to express ourselves; emptiness, writer’s block etc., are all too common. If that’s how you feel, please get in touch. Help and advice is available.